Everett Alvarez High School Athletics


Girls Flag Football Makes History


A few years ago, if anyone was to tell you that girls flag football would be a sport, their reaction most likely would have been "Do you mean powderpuff?" In the central coast, that answer would have been yes. Fast forward to this summer, the proposal and fundamental building blocks of making girls flag football a reality came together. The CIF, the CCS, the PCAL and the SUHSD all agreed that this was something that should happen. At all levels of education-based athletics, girls flag football was approved and supported to becoming its own sports program. 1st- year program head coach, Clarissa Hernandez, was brought on as the first-ever coach for girls flag football. Her dedication as a coach through many sports at many sites within SUHSD gave her the experience needed to start-up a program of her own. An alumni of SUHSD, her personal experience within the community has fueled her to learn the sport's rules and strategies to take on the challenge of making a questionable new sport into a legitimate force to be reckoned with. With her experiences as an athlete and coaching, her drive for being great and producing athletes that leave legacies, she was the right fit for Everett Alvarez HS. Now with the program's first game under their belts, the Eagles look on for the challenge of their season's schedule. With a handful of Saturday 2-game days and traveling all over the PCAL for games, the Eagles are enjoying what they have created and look forward to the home games that they will host on weekdays and Saturdays. The Everett Alvarez community has also reached out in support of the team. The ladies have had guest coaches from community members to the school's own tackle football program head coach, Coach Anthony McKay, offer up their expertise, advice and film breakdowns to better the team's knowledge and understanding of the sport. EAHS looks forward to seeing what is in store for the Girls Flag Football inaugural season and many more to come. They will always have a place in the athletic department as we strive for inclusivity and equality; even to go as far as putting their first-ever game ball into the trophy case right next to tackle football's first ever game ball. GO EAGLES!