Everett Alvarez High School Athletics


Boys Track and Field = Cypress Division Champs!

Photo Credit: Coach Angel Dominguez


Everett Alvarez High School hosted the PCAL Cypress Division Championships on Friday 4/28/2023. The boys team was going in with an undefeated season in league meets so all they needed to do was what they have been doing all season and they would be securing themselves their 2nd title in school history for the program (1st one was in 2016). As the evening was concluding and high jump was still going, Stevenson and Everett Alvarez were battling out for heights and points. Difference scenarios were being talked about that gave Stevenson the win by 2 points and other scenarios were said to give Everett Alvarez the 2 point win. There was even a count that came up where there was a perfect tie! At the conclusion of the event, the points were being tallied and Everett Alvarez won the meet and the league title by 2 points; beating Stevenson 130-128! There were a few individual league titles won as well: 100 meters: Gael Godinez 200 meters: Gael Godinez Triple Jump: Cristopher Martinez The Girls Track and Field team produced some amazing results as well. They were able to take 2nd place; only falling to Stevenson in both league meets and at the championship with a final score of 139-162. Individual league titles were earned by: 400 meters: Roselyn Olivo 800 meters: Roselyn Olivo 1600 meters: Roselyn Olivo 3200 meters: Sheyla Camacho Shot Put: Angela Ayozie Congrats to both teams for an amazing season and good luck to those going onto the PCAL Masters meet to qualify for the CCS Tournament! GO EAGLES!

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